• Building Excellence
    Lake Stevens High School 
    Lake Stevens High School (LSHS) will be modernized and expanded, in phases, while students are on campus. This work will begin in the summer of 2018 and is anticipated to last for at least three school years.

    Work will include: new learning spaces for general education, special education, music and athletics; improvements to the swimming pool; upgrades to campus security; upgraded restrooms; replacement of heating, ventilation, roofing and electrical systems; and improvements to student parking and bus loading areas. 

    The Board awarded a contract for General Contractor/Construction Manager (GC/CM) preconstruction services to Cornerstone General Contractors, Inc. for the Lake Stevens High School modernization and expansion project. Four firms submitted statements of qualification which were reviewed by a panel. Three contractors were invited to participate in interviews and all three submitted final proposals. 

    The GC/CM will partner with Dykeman, the architects, to ensure that the design of the modernized school is as cost- and time-effective as possible.  

    Design Advisory Committee

    The Lake Stevens High School Design Advisory Committee, made up of district staff, parents, students and community members, used aerial maps of the high school site to overlay 3D pieces that represented classrooms, offices, athletic spaces, parking lots and courtyards. This information helps the architects begin to design building concepts. 

    The group has been meeting since October to help set the educational specifications for the design of the expanded and modernized high school.

    Viking Visioning Week

    The week of Sept. 26 was Viking Visioning Week! On Sept 27 we hosted a Parent and Community Forum to hear feedback on what's working well in the current Lake Stevens High School facility and what changes should be considered. Architects from Dykeman Architecture sought the same feedback from middle school, mid high and high school students in a variety of activities. Students made lists and drew pictures that highlighted what they want to see in the high school. This information will be paired with staff feedback and results from our high school survey to help create the educational specifications and design of the expanded and modernized school. 
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where will LSHS students attend school during construction?
    Construction will be completed in phases over at least three school years to allow work to be completed while students are on site. Extensive planning and preparation will be done to maintain a safe and productive learning environment for students, staff, families and the surrounding community during construction. 

    When will Cavelero be reconfigured as a high school?

    Cavelero was built to address overcrowding in our middle schools and high school, and to someday become a second high school. As you may remember when we built Cavelero we maximized our use of state matching funds to lessen the burden on taxpayers. To use these funds, Cavelero had to remain a mid high school for at least five years. 

    There is a common misconception that Cavelero would transition to our second high school at that time. This is incorrect. Capacity numbers and growth projections indicate that we will not need to transition to a second high school within the next 10 years. Before we can do that, we would need to build a new middle school and reboundary the district to transition to two high schools.

    Advance notice will be given well before this happens. Parents, students, staff and community members will be encouraged to participate in the decision making process.