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    April 2019
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  • Feb. 2019
    Project priorities, timeline shift for Lake Stevens High School modernization and expansion

    If you've visited or driven past Lake Stevens High School (LSHS) recently you know that construction of the modernized and expanded school is steadily progressing. Construction began in June 2018, but the research, planning, budgeting and design processes started many years ago.

    Since the high school is being modernized and expanded in its current location, construction has been broken into multiple phases to maximize state and local funding and to minimize the disruption to the teaching and learning process.

    The scope of projects that are included in each phase of construction have been prioritized to ensure that student instructional spaces take preference over other commitments. The timeline of these projects has also changed based on a myriad of factors.

    What’s changed and why?
    Since project planning began in 2015, there have been numerous changes in the construction market, including a shortage of qualified laborers and escalating costs. These challenges, coupled with recent tariffs on building materials, labor strikes and weather have impacted project costs and schedule.

    “We want to be very transparent with our stakeholders about these changes,” said Dr. Amy Beth Cook, Superintendent of Lake Stevens School District. “While our timeline and scope have shifted, our commitment to our students, staff and community will not be affected. A great deal of work has been, and will be done, to Lake Stevens High School to make it a learning focused, student centered, community minded campus to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s learners.”

    Phase One

    Currently under construction
    Original move-in date, Academic Building: September 2019
    Updated move-in date:
    Academic Building, late fall 2019
    Athletic Building, late fall 2019

    Phase One construction of the Academic Building is scheduled to be substantially complete in August 2019. That timeline has not changed. However, “substantial completion” does not mean that a space is ready for teaching and learning. A great deal of work has to happen before a space is ready for classroom instruction. This includes cleaning, establishing network and phone connections, installing wifi access points and classroom technology, moving in furniture and equipment, and allowing teachers time to ready their classrooms.

    Currently, all LSHS teachers have places to teach. The extended timeline does not negatively impact teaching and learning.

    Phase One projects:

    • A new three-story academic building for science and general education classrooms and the Learning Commons (library and student support center)
    • New athletic building, including a new gymnasium and swimming pool support spaces (reception, office and locker rooms)
    • Renovation of the 400 building for Special Education and Career and Technical Education

    These spaces will be connected by a student hub with easy access to administration, attendance, counseling, cafeteria, the business office and the COVE (the student store).

    Phase Two - Pool

    Design underway
    Construction begins April 2019
    Facility opens: Late Fall 2019

    Phase Two project:

    • Modernization of the swimming pool
      • Replacement of pool mechanical systems (water and air treatment and circulation) for improved air quality, guest comfort and operability of the facility
      • Resurfacing and repainting the pool liner
      • Cleaning and sealing the pool deck
      • Expanded seating
      • Additional storage

    The swimming pool will be closed in mid-February through fall 2019. To maximize the amount of work that can occur during this time, and to minimize the impact to students, athletes and the community, the pool’s schedule was expedited. The high school pool is the only public pool in the City of Lake Stevens, and provides health and recreational benefits to students and the community.

    Phase Three

    Design underway
    Construction begins: July 2020

    Phase Three projects:

    • Renovate the existing main gymnasium to house a new facility for band and choir as well as a new weight room for athletics.
    • Upgrade security, communications, fire alarm and heating/ventilation controls throughout the campus
    • Modernize parts of the 100, 200, 300 and 500 buildings
    • Modernize existing bathrooms throughout the campus

    Extending the Phase Three project timeline is beneficial, because it allows Lake Stevens School District to:

    • Maximize funds for the project from the state through the School Construction Assistance Program (SCAP). SCAP provides funding assistance to school districts that are undertaking new construction or modernization projects.
    • Work with the design team to fully explore, estimate and value-engineer solutions. Value engineering is used to identify and eliminate unwanted costs, while improving function and quality.
    • Utilize additional funding from school impact fees, interest and construction contingencies.
    • Complete construction of Phases One and Two.

    Additional work will be evaluated throughout the project to determine available funds.

    As more decisions are made, we will continue to update our students, staff members and community using our many communication channels.

    Winter 2019 Update
    Phase one construction continues at Lake Stevens High School
    An aerial view of Lake Stevens High School
    An aerial view of Lake Stevens High School. The new athletic building, which will connect to the renovated swimming pool will be on the right. Concrete foundations were poured for the new academic building, front and center.

    The first phase of construction of the modernized and expanded Lake Stevens High School is well under way. This summer, a water retention pond was dug adjacent to the baseball and softball fields. The portable classrooms and greenhouses behind the school were removed and the area was cleared and paved for a new parking lot and the school’s bus loop. Steel beams are being erected in the new academic building at the front of campus, which will hold three stories of classrooms and the new Learning Commons (library). The swimming pool remains closed to the public, but is being used for PE classes and the school’s aquatics teams. It will close completely following the boy’s swimming and diving season and will reopen in the 2019-20 school year.

    Steel beams
    Steel beams are being erected for the new academic building at Lake Stevens High School. The new building will hold three stories of classrooms and the new Learning Commons (library).

    Middle school tracks replaced in phases
    The tracks at Lake Stevens and North Lake Middle Schools are being replaced in two phases. Work began at Lake Stevens Middle School in mid-September and started at North Lake Middle School in late October. The first phase of replacement includes the installation of an asphalt surface. Asphalt surfaces will be used by students and the community for PE, athletics and extra curricular activities until this spring. The second phase of construction includes the installation of a rubber track surface beginning in May of 2019.

    The new asphalt track surface at Lake Stevens Middle School is complete. The rubber track surface will be installed this spring.

    The middle school track replacement project is part of the 2016 bond that was approved by the community. The project was originally scheduled for the summer of 2018, but was delayed due to permitting issues and contractor availability.

    Construction of new kindergarten classrooms nearly complete
    In 2016, Lake Stevens School District was one of 21 districts in the state to receive a K-3 Class Size Reduction Grant from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The grant provided funding to assist districts with adding new K-3 classroom spaces. A portion of those funds were used to build new kindergarten classrooms at each of the district’s elementary schools. Classrooms at Highland, Hillcrest, Mt. Pilchuck and Sunnycrest Elementary Schools opened last school year. Construction at Skyline Elementary School was completed in early January 2019, and construction at Glenwood Elementary School will be complete in late winter 2019.

    Aug. 31, 2018
    LSHS tennis courts closed for construction parking and storage
    Tennis court and tennis ball

    The Lake Stevens High School tennis courts are closed for the 2018-19 school year. They will be used for construction parking and storage. Cavelero Mid High School’s upper tennis courts are available to our community for use after school and on weekends.

    June 21, 2018
    Ground broken for Lake Stevens High School
    Photo of the LSHS Groundbreaking Ceremony
    The ceremonial diggers at the high school groundbreaking were, from left: Dr. Amy Beth Cook, Superintendent; Ray Mitchell, community member; Tim Jewett, Dykeman Architecture; Paige Thibaut, student; Leslie Ivelia, Principal; David Iseminger, Board President; and Jason Thomas, Cornerstone General Contractors.

    The official Groundbreaking Ceremony for the modernized and expanded Lake Stevens High School was held June 8. Phase one construction, which includes a new three-story classroom building, a student hub and an athletic building, began June 18.

    The entire high school campus, with the exception of the stadium, is closed through mid-August. The high school pool will remain closed to the public until fall 2019 because the pool’s public locker rooms and restrooms are being demolished and rebuilt. There will be no swimming lessons, lap swims, family swims, water aerobics or pool rentals during this time. High school aquatics classes will continue next school year since students are able to use existing student locker rooms inside the high school.

    March 29, 2018
    Construction to start on Lake Stevens High School this June
    Render of the new Lake Stevens High School
    Construction will begin on the modernized and expanded Lake Stevens High School this June. Phase one of the project features a new three story academic building for science and general education classrooms and the Learning Commons (far right); a new athletic building (see second image); and a student hub that connects the spaces (center).

    Big changes are coming to Lake Stevens High School (LSHS)! Beginning this June, construction will begin on the high school modernization and expansion project. Construction will happen in phases, while students are on campus. This work is anticipated to last for three school years. The modernization and expansion will include new learning spaces for general education, special education, music and athletics; improvements to the swimming pool; upgrades to campus security; upgraded restrooms; replacement of heating, ventilation, roofing and electrical systems; and improvements to school safety, student parking and bus loading areas.

    The entire LSHS campus will be closed to staff members, students and visitors from June 16 through late August. This will allow for site preparation and demolition to take place before the return of students and staff for the 2018-19 school year.

    A temporary student, staff and visitor parking plan is being developed. This information will be shared with the Lake Stevens High School community prior to the start of the 2018-19 school year. Once all phases of the modernization and expansion are complete, LSHS will have more parking spots than what is currently available.

    Phase One Construction
    The first phase of construction includes:

    • A three story academic building for science and general education classrooms and the Learning Commons (the library and student support center)
    • New athletic building and gymnasium
    • Renovation of the 400 building
    • These spaces will be connected by a student hub with easy access to administration, attendance, counseling, the business office and the COVE (the student store)
    Another render of the new Lake Stevens High School
    The modernization and expansion of the high school also includes a new athletic building (far left) with an indoor public entrance to a new gymnasium, a modernized swimming pool, storage and meeting spaces.

    “We are very appreciative to our community for voting to support our school construction bond, and to all of our stakeholders for their contributions to this project,” said Dr. Amy Beth Cook, Superintendent of Lake Stevens School District. “The meetings and engagement activities we hosted with students, staff, families and the community throughout the planning and design process resulted in a tremendous amount of feedback. This feedback has been used throughout the process to design a school that meets the needs of our students as they prepare for college and the world of work. This is truly an exciting time for our district and our community. The construction process will bring some unique challenges, but the outcome will be a learning facility that, our students, staff, families and community members deserve.”

    Project updates will be available here on the district website, in our monthly issues e-News and in future issues of Lake Schools (subscribe to receive e-News).

    Design & Construction

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where will LSHS students attend school during construction?
    Construction will be completed in phases over at least three school years to allow work to be completed while students are on site. Extensive planning and preparation will be done to maintain a safe and productive learning environment for students, staff, families and the surrounding community during construction.

    When will Cavelero be reconfigured as a high school?
    Cavelero was built to address overcrowding in our middle schools and high school, and to someday become a second high school. As you may remember when we built Cavelero we maximized our use of state matching funds to lessen the burden on taxpayers. To use these funds, Cavelero had to remain a mid high school for at least five years.

    There is a common misconception that Cavelero would transition to our second high school at that time. This is incorrect. Capacity numbers and growth projections indicate that we will not need to transition to a second high school within the next 10 years. Before we can do that, we would need to build a new middle school and reboundary the district to transition to two high schools.

    Advance notice will be given well before this happens. Parents, students, staff and community members will be encouraged to participate in the decision making process.