My wife Paige and I
    Hello! My name is Jesse Anderson, I will be teaching your student in band, choir, and homeroom classes here at LSMS. I am recently married to my beautiful wife Paige, and we both graduated from Central Washington University. In addition to music, I also love playing all sports, especially golf, or doing anything competitive and active. I am looking forward to being part of the development of your student, and I truly believe that music will play a key role in bringing them far in life. 
    Through music, students learn how to deal effectively with failure as they constantly try new things through creative exploration, they learn the discipline of daily practice and persistence through delayed gratification, and foster lifelong relationships and social skills from working on a team where if one fails, all fail. 

    Music has helped me in these areas of life. As a hyperactive and struggling student in my grade school years--bound by my inability to focus--music taught me the life skills that I needed to succeed. Discipline, perseverance, a slowed down mind, and passion were all instilled by music, and this carried across to all other curriculum; this is what I look forward to music instilling into your student. I know that they will look back at these years at LSMS with fun music memories.  
    I look forward to communicating openly throughout the year, and know that we are in this together. Please feel free to email or call if you have any questions.
    Jesse Anderson
    Phone: 425-335-1544
    Subject(s): Band & Choir