Chromebook Handbook and Required Forms

  • Parent & Student Responsible Use Handbook

    We want our students to be responsible and ethical users of technology. In an effort to clarify what that means in a 1:1 technology environment, we have created a Parent/Student Handbook to define how we expect our students to use their Chromebook and the Internet. While we know we can't cover every circumstance, this will help everyone understand the basic expectations.

    URL Parent/Student Handbook


    Forms to Sign and Return

    Before your child is allowed to take possession of his/her Chromebook, the Insurance form must be signed and returned. You agree to two things when you sign the form. First you are agreeing to the terms of what the Insurance will cover. Secondly, we ask parent AND child to sign the Responsible use section indicating you have read and agree to abide by the conditions set forth in the Student/Parent handbook. If you qualify for free and reduced lunch, a spot is provided for you to sign to give permission for district personnel to verify that you do qualify. This form must be signed and returned along with the Insurance before a Chromebook can be issued to your child.

    LSSD Chromebook Insurance Agreement