• Family Support

    Working together to better the lives of all children

    Hello wonderful LSSD families,

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    We are honored to be the school district's Family Engagement & Student Success Specialists. We look forward to helping provide resources and support services to our students and their families. We will do this by connecting and building positive relationships to gain a better understanding of the needs of our students and families. Building relationships helps us form strong future connections between our students, families, staff members and surrounding community. We also want to help students gain confidence and identify tools to continue on a positive path for their current and future educational careers.

    Please feel free to contact us in whatever way you prefer. If you decide to text, please identify yourself. We are also available to meet with families at their school, in our offices or at your home.

    Warm wishes,
    Your LSSD Family Engagement Student Success Specialists

    Karen Tadio: 425-512-6212 | Email Karen
    Supporting all students (P-12) living in the NLMS boundary sections of the LSSD. (ELC, HLD, MTP, STC, SUN and 8th-12th Graders).

    Kathy Batrack: 425-231-9058 | Email Kathy
    Supporting all students (P-12) living in the LSMS boundary sections of the LSSD. (ELC, GLW, HLC, SKY and 8th-12th Graders).

    *As school district employees, Karen and Kathy are mandatory reporters. They are not employed by or affiliated with Department of Children, Youth, and Families Services (DCYF) or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

    Karen and Kathy are here to support families in the following areas:

    Family home visits

    • Building positive team relationships and connections

    Communication tools

    • Assistance in positively communicating with teachers and administrators for all involved to be heard and respectfully understood


    • Gain an understanding of why students are not attending school. Build/create plans to help encourage attendance.

    Connection to outside community resources

    • Hungry Hearts Foundation Operation School Bell
    • Clothes For Kids
    • Medical, dental and vision options
    • Counseling

    Academic supports

    • Build/create plans to help encourage student engagement and participation

    "May we have compassion first, kindness always and judgment never."