An Alternative Learning Experience 


    The ALE is a program designed to meet the social/emotional health and academic needs of students in grades 8-12  who struggle in the traditional school setting due to:

    • Anxiety

    • Social/Emotional Issues 

    • Depression

    • Truancy due to health issues


    In order to be considered for this alternative learning program:

    • Counselor/Administrator will complete and send recommendation form
    • Meeting/Approval  with OAR Administrator/Counselor
    • Student Statement
    • Schedule Adjustment form from sending school
    • Sending school will arrange transportation utilizing the transportation form, contacting routing no later than three days prior to starting OAR


    Student and Parents: 

    • Students must have parent/guardian approval and strong family or other support system. 
    • Students must agree to attend school four days per week and actively engage in academic and mentoring activities.  On Fridays, students will have work to complete at home. 
    • It is expected that parents will play a role in monitoring activities and homework on   non-OAR days. 
    • Students with an IEP or 504 plan must have a meeting convened with case managers from originating school and a plan developed to define how Specially Designed Instruction and 504 accommodations will be met.   
    • A team of professionals will review each student’s application for program admission 
    • Prospective students and their parent/guardian must meet with the administrator of ALE/Counselor and mentor teacher
    • Administrators/Counselors/others will present tiered interventions and their outcomes.  It should be noted that OAR is a Tier 3 intervention 
    • The long term goal is to return to comprehensive schools with tools for success  and structured support from the OAR Program upon return to originating school 
    • Sending school will maintain cumulative file and records.   
    • Impact of schedule changes /credit implications close to quarter and semester should be considered when determining a start date. 

    Students will be registered at their school of origin and counted as follows:

    • Percentage of FTE will be coordinated based upon the number of courses taken at the school of origin.  
    • HomeLink cannot be a school of origin for students attending OAR 
    • Students will be admitted on an ongoing basis.  Students may not enroll within two days of the P-223 monthly count.