• Mrs. Walker
    Email: Sarah_Walker@lkstevens.wednet.edu 
    Class Room:111
    Subject(s): 6th Grade Math/6th Grade Challenge Math
    Welcome to Lake Stevens Middle School. This is my twenty-second year of teaching with twelve of those years here at Lake Stevens. I received my BA degree in Elementary and Special Education from Central Washington University. (GO WILDCATS!) After teaching for five years, I returned to school to receive my Master's Degree in Technology in Education from Lesley University. I enjoy teaching math and making learning fun. I don't want students to be fearful of math but to approach every task with energy and a readiness to learn new things. I want students to TRY!
    I greatly enjoy working in this district and being a member of this community. My husband and I are fortunate to raise our two daughters in such as caring environment. Along with raising a family, I enjoy swimming, camping, traveling, and baking. I am also busy taking care of our one dog, Bella (Chihuahua). She loves to hide from us and has found some sneaky hiding spots such as the kitchen pantry. It is always an exciting day at my home. 
    I look forward to meeting each of you and having a year filled with "AH-HA" moments.