• Special Services

    Lake Stevens School District is interested in locating, evaluating and identifying students from birth to age 21 who are suspected of having a disability for the purpose of determining whether they are in need of special education related services. This extends to students residing in the district whether or not they are enrolled in the public school system. This also includes highly mobile children (such as migrant or homeless students) who are suspected of having a disability and in need of special education, even though they are advancing from grade to grade.

    A student eligible for special education means a student who has been evaluated and determined to need special education because of having a disability in one of the eligibility categories, and who, because of the disability and adverse educational impact, has unique needs that cannot be addressed exclusively through education in general education classes with or without individual accommodations, and needs specially designed instruction. The eligibility categories are hearing, vision, speech, language, orthopedic or health impairment, intellectual disability, an emotional behavioral disability, autism, traumatic brain injury, deaf-blindness, multiple disability, a specific learning disability or for students three through eight, a developmental delay.

    Questions concerning school-age special education services should be directed to the building principal, school psychologist or Special Services department at (425) 335-1500.

    Contact Information

    Miriam Tencate
    Exec. Director of Special Services
    (425) 335-1500 ext. 1504 | Fax: 425-335-1549
    Email Miriam

    Keri Joseph
    Director of Special Services
    (425) 335-1500 ext. 1567 | Fax: 425-335-1549
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    Debbie Eichner-Hatch
    Compliance Secretary
    (425) 335-1500 ext. 1660 | Fax: 425-335-1549
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    Mary Beth Reichow
    Special Services Secretary
    (425) 335-1500 ext. 1577 | Fax: 425-335-1549
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    For Special Education records requests, send an email to: spedrecords@lkstevens.wednet.edu