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Welcome to the Teaching and Learning Department

The Teaching and Learning (T&L) Department is committed to developing the best instructional programs possible for each and every child in the Lake Stevens School District. We are composed of four departments: Secondary Teaching and Learning, Elementary Teaching and Learning, Special Services, and Assessment and Student Learning. T&L provides support and direction related to curriculum, instruction, assessments, special programs and services, and learning for both students and staff. 

Our work is guided by the Lake Stevens School District’s Strategic Plan, particularly the goal area of Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and the T&L department’s Three Guiding Initiatives. Our Three Guiding Initiatives answer the following questions: What does excellent instruction look like? What do we want students to know and be able to do? And, How do we know our students are learning?  Lake Stevens has adopted the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching to define excellent instruction. The Common Core State Standards as well as Washington State Learning Standards and Next Generation Science Standards answer the question of what our students should know and be able to do upon graduation from high school. Finally, we will know our students are learning and growing by our ongoing and embedded use of data and assessments. As a district we have embraced an inquiry cycle approach to problem solving as defined by the Data Wise process.

Believing that instruction is the most important factor in student learning, we strive to create professional learning experiences for our teachers and administrators that are embedded in their work, ongoing, and collaborative that will facilitate their growth and development as professionals. Improved instruction will lead to improved student learning.

Please contact us with any questions, concerns, comments or feedback.

Elementary Teaching & Learning 
Graham Cook
Executive Director  

Laureen Andersen
Executive Assistant

Secondary Teaching & Learning               
John J. Gebert Ed.D                                          
Executive  Director                                           

Mona Freeman                                         
Executive Assistant                                       

Assessment & Student Learning 
Gina Anderson
Executive Director
Kristi Morrow
Executive Assistant

Special Services                                 
Miriam Tencate                                            
Executive Director                                            

Debbie Eichner-Hatch                             
Executive Assistant                                       

Professional Learning
Sarah Danielson
Director of Professional Learning


 Teaching and Learning Department Three Guiding Initiatives  

Three circles
Lake Eight Instructional Components