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    David Rothgeb
    Phone: 425-335-1530 ext. 4090
    Class Room: Gym
    Subject(s): Wellness
    Mr. Rothgeb likes teaching at North Lake.  He has been here since 1992.
    Mr. Rothgeb was born and raised in New Jersey.  His family moved to Tupper Lake, New York when he was seven.  He graduated from high school in 1980, attended St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York and graduated in 1984 with a BA in English.  After his four years at SLU (ROTC scholarship), he spent the next six years serving in the Army as a Captain.  Mr. Rothgeb's duty stations included Monterey, CA, where he studied Turkish for a year, Izmit, Turkey and Herzogenaurach, Germany.  After he left the Army he attended Whitworth College in Spokane where he earned a Masters degree in Teaching.  Mr. Rothgeb is certified to teach any subject K-8 and English K-12.
    Mr. Rothgeb has been running since 6th grade.  He coaches Cross Country and Track as well as leading the Running Club.