• Athletic Information

    To be eligible for extra-curricular activities:

    1. Athletes must pass a valid physical exam and have this recorded on file in the office before first practice.
    2. Athletes should be covered with adequate insurance before first practice.
    3. Athletes must meet the North Lake Middle School Athletic Code requirements.
    4. Eligible athletes must have a current ASB card before being eligible to participate in any school contest.
    5. Student must have a Sports Physical on file prior to trying out or participating in a sport.

    Family ID

    Athletes must be registered with Family ID.  Please go to: Family ID Registration Page

    NLMS Sports Seasons

    Student athletes must be in school for a minimum of half the school day on the date of a contest in order to participate, unless prior permission is granted from the Athletic Director.

    Any athlete who willfully performs or fails to perform any act which materially interferes with or is detrimental to the orderly operation of a school, a school sponsored activity, or any other aspect of the educational process within the Lake Stevens School District shall be subject to discipline, suspension, or expulsion from the athletic program of said school district.

    Directions to Games

    Basketball & Volleyball Games

    Cross Country

    Track & Field

    Wrestling Meets

    Football Games