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    Bulldog Wrestling
    “Building another Decade of Dominance”

    Dear Parents/Guardians/Wrestlers,

    Monday, January 22nd marks the start of the Middle School wrestling season. To ease the possible
    discomfort that can be associated with any sports season, you will find the competition schedule linked
    here North Lake MS Co-Ed Wrestling Schedule. To be eligible to compete in matches athletes must have eight practices completed and be
    academically eligible.

    This year’s coaching staff at North Lake will include Ben Headland and myself, Dean Pakinas.
    Mr. Width retired this past summer and so I will attempt to follow in his footsteps here at North Lake.
    Dean Width is likely the most successful middle school coach in Washington State history. I do not know
    of any other coach who has had the impact that he did and who has coached more State Champions in this
    State’s history. He has been a part of the Lake Stevens wrestling program for 40 years. Ben and I will
    attempt to keep building upon the foundation laid by Mr. Width. It is our goal to help each athlete be the
    best he/she can be. No wrestler who is eligible will be denied the opportunity to compete regardless of
    skill or size and each wrestler can get the chance to compete as much as possible. We have no control
    over other teams forfeiting to our wrestlers but we will do our part in making sure we get our wrestlers as
    many matches as possible. Practices will be held in the North Lake aux gym and are closed to the public.
    We believe that practice time is specifically for coaches and wrestlers with minimal external distractions.
    Practices begin promptly at 2:30 and end at 4:30 Monday-Thursday. On Friday’s, practice will be held
    before school at 6:30. On days where no school is in session we will not hold practice. There will be a
    short parent meeting on January 31st, 2018 immediately after practice in the auxiliary gym at North Lake.

    If you have any questions call me at (335-1530 ext. 4149) or better yet email me at
    Dean_Pakinas@lkstevens.wednet.edu. I hope you take the time to read our expectations on the bottom of
    this sheet and review them with your child. I look forward to seeing you throughout the season.
    Yours in Wrestling,
    Dean Pakinas

    Bulldog Wrestling Expectations

    ● Be to practice everyday, on time and ready to go (practice starts at 2:30 sharp). If you
    cannot make practice you need to contact one of the coaches prior to missing.
    ● Maintain a high g.p.a. and go to all classes each and every day.
    ● Shower directly after practice with soap upon arrival at home
    ● Wash your clothes nightly.
    ● Know when the matches are, communicate any changes with parents and ask questions if
    you do not know.
    ● Wear shorts, a short or long sleeved t-shirt and head gear everyday in practice. Avoid
    wearing sweats and or heavy clothing.
    ● Disinfect shoes and headgear on a daily basis.
    ● Keep track of your gear and pick up after yourself after practice.
    ● Be a good sport and good citizen on the mat, in the classroom and outside of school.
    ● Never let your wrestling affect your classroom behavior.
    ● Follow the school eligibility rules.
    ● Work hard and be honest!