• Welcome to the North Lake Library

    The library is open from 7:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


    • Mrs. Kesler, librarian/media specialist
    • Mrs. Garner, library assistant

    Library Policies

    1. Checkout of Materials

    • All materials except textbooks have a two week circulation time.
    • Textbooks have an overnight circulation time.
    • Some reference books can be checked out overnight; many may be used only in the library.
    • Two books can be checked out at a time.
    • Most books can be renewed.

    2. Overdue Notices

    • Please do not wait for an overdue notice before you return your book. The date the book is due is stamped on the inside first page. It is your responsibility to return your materials on time so your classmates and friends may use them.

    3. When can I come to the library?

    • You may come with your class and teacher.
    • You may come with a pass any time.
    • You may use the library before or after school.

    4. Security System

    • The security system has been installed to help you remember to check out books. If the alarm sounds, please return to the check out counter to return the book.