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                              Skippyjon Jones
    "Oh my name is Skippito Friskito.
    I fear not a single bandito.
    My manners are mellow.
    I'm sweet like the Jell-o.
    I get the job done,
    Yes indeed-o."
    -Skippyjon Jones, Judy Schachner (2003)-




    Welcome 3rd Grade families and friends! I expect this will be a fantastic year! 3rd Grade is a great year to see tremendous growth in your students. They will become fluent, reflective readers, learn multiplication and division, and write in multiple paragraphs! My favorite thing about 3rd grade is seeing the amazing growth your students achieve.


    Thank you for sending me such wonderful students who are ready to learn! I look forward to our continued collaboration as we help your child be the best!


    -Missy Faries-






    Skippyjon Jones picture was found through Google Images