• Deanna Riechel

    Deanna Riechel

    Email: deanna_riechel@lkstevens.wednet.edu
    Phone: (425) 335-1525

    My name is Deanna Riechel, and I am the LAP reading teacher. I have had previous experience teaching kindergarten, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, multi-age, and LAP reading. My favorite subject to teach is reading. My mission as a teacher is to help students discover the joy of reading, and to help each child develop a strong belief in his or her own ability.

    I enjoy reading, exercising, and spending time with my family. I love animals, and I enjoy walking my dog every day.

    I am thrilled to be part of Glenwood's teaching staff, and I am looking forward to a productive year of learning!