• Nicole Holt

    Nicole Holt nicole_holt@lkstevens.wednet.edu

    "Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire."
    ~William Butler Yeats

    Welcome to kindergarten!

    Growing up, I felt like I was told exactly how to do things in school because that was "the way it was done." As I got older, I began to realize that there were and are so many different ways to get one answer and with this realization, a whole new world opened up to me. Learning became fun and from that point on, I knew that I wanted to teach. My philosophy as your child's teacher is to guide your child, while he or she discovers the particular "answers" on his or her own. I strongly believe in recognizing strengths and building upon them, discovering needs and providing "the tools" to improve and build confidence, and to challenge each child until they reach their goals. I believe in holding children to high expectations because they will accomplish what we and they believe they can. I will provide clear expectations and individualized instruction to meet the needs of all of my students, but in the end, I want to light that fire and help them love learning just as much as I do.

    Outside of school, I play a few roles, but my favorite job of all is...MOM! My husband Matt and I live here in Lake Stevens, where we both grew up, with our 4 children, 3 girls and 1 boy. Our daughters Jordyn, Ashlyn, and Brooklyn are 14-, 12-, and 6-years old. Last, but definitely not least, our son, Kyan, is 8-years-old! At home we enjoy reading, lots of reading, family games, and playing outside!

    As far as education goes, I graduated from Western Washington University. I am incredibly thankful for my coursework and experiences at WWU because they really opened my eyes to individualized instruction to meet the needs of all learners, so that I wouldn't be "telling" students how to do things, but would instead be able to support their learning through their own discoveries in order for them to be successful. Currently, I am finishing up my master's degree in Instructional Design and Technology.

    Check out the links on the left for more classroom information, and please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. I can be reached by phone before or after school or you can email me at any time, day or night!

    I look forward to a fantastic year!

    My family