• Bus Routes (e-Link)

    The e-Link service is helpful in determining your school of residence, bus stop location, pick-up and drop-off times as well as bus number. Information is in real-time, so your route information will be current. For help or route information (including Special Ed, ECEAP and DD-Preschool), please call the Transportation Department at (425) 335-1508.

    Routes are subject to change, so please continue to verify your route.

    The Transportation Department is in the process of creating and loading middle school bus routes into e-Link. Please be sure to check e-Link on March 19 to ensure you have the most accurate information. Route information for Cavelero Mid High School and Lake Stevens High School students will be updated just prior to April 19. If you need help with bus information, please call the Transportation Department at 425-335-1508.

    Login & Password

    • Login: The login will be your child's 6-digit ID number (don't include the leading zero 0)
    • Password: Your child's birth date in "mmddyyyy" format (i.e., 01311989 for Jan. 31, 1989).
    • Once logged in, click on "WORK WITH STUDENTS," then click "VIEW MY STUDENT" to see bussing information.