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Content Filtering

Lake Stevens School District makes the safety of each student a top priority. We have several systems and tools in place to ensure that our students can access as much of the valuable information on the Internet and as little of the inappropriate content as technically and humanly possible.

We manage all district owned Chromebooks using Google's management console. This helps us configure each one to run through our content filtering system (ContentKeeper) regardless of time or place. The filtering works the same whether the student is at school or at the coffee shop on Saturday afternoon. This means that there will be many sites your child won't be able to use on their Chromebook, but they will be able to access all the sites and content they need to complete homework for class. Lake Stevens School District complies with all CIPA and COPPA regulations.

It is important to know that the internet changes rapidly and no technical solution will ever be 100 percent perfect. That's why we have adopted a digital citizenship curriculum in grades K-12 where our students are taught how to work safely on the Internet using ethical and responsible behavior. We've provided many tips and ideas to help parents supervise student's time on technology at home in our Parent & Student Technology Handbook. Working as partners we can provide all students with the knowledge they need to be good digital citizens.

Response to Inappropriate Use
What happens if your child goes to an inappropriate site? We'll treat this as a discipline issue just as we do other infractions students commit each day. Discipline will be progressively administered, and opportunities for learning will be included at each level.