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Crisis Help

The following resources were compiled as a service to our community, and do not imply sponsorship or endorsement by Lake Stevens School District. Contact each organization directly for additional information.

Note: A list of the Crisis Help resources is available for download.

If you are in crisis and/or are having suicidal thoughts, please know that verbalizing those thoughts is a good thing. Sometimes the weight of keeping those feelings secret is unbearable and makes things worse. Here are tips related to starting a conversation specific to suicidal thoughts. It may be uncomfortable, but it is also necessary. Check out this short video from the Mayo Clinic for tools that may help during those conversations.

If someone shares that they are suicidal, please take it seriously and reach out to an adult for help.

If your child is struggling, make an appointment with their primary care doctor. If safety is in question, call the crisis line and/or go to the local emergency room.

For emergency mental health evaluations to determine the need for inpatient care:

  • Go to your Local Emergency Room
  • Seattle Children’s Hospital Emergency Department: 206‐987‐2055 Psychiatric & Behavioral Medicine Unit (PBMU)
  • Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital intake line: 844-202-5555 (Smokey Point) FREE 24/7

Other Supports

Immediate danger?
Please do not send an email to a school staff when in a crisis. We try not to check emails, texts, or calls after our work hours so that we can take care of our mental wellness too.  We care about your safety.  Please talk to an adult you trust, call the crisis line, or call 911.