• School Closure Plan

    School closure during a weather event

    In emergency situations, such as snow and icy weather conditions, our top priority is the safety of students and staff. The district also recognizes that school closures/delays disrupt family schedules and the school year may have to be extended. The decision to close schools is not an easy one. The process is complex and involves many people.

    The district geography is taken into account when the decision is made. One part of our area may be clear while other areas are struggling with several inches of snow. It is not possible to close some schools in the district while leaving other schools open.

    How the decision to close schools is made

    To help make the best possible decision, much information is gathered. Weather forecasts are monitored throughout the process. District staff drive the roads beginning at 3 a.m. checking schools and routes that are frequently impacted and report road conditions to the superintendent by 5 a.m.
    We consult with neighboring districts regarding road conditions into Lake Stevens. After careful scrutiny and analysis, one of the following four options is decided:
    • Schools start on time
    • Schools start on time with limited bus service
    • Schools start two hours late (buses will pick students up two hours later; no half-day a.m. kindergarten or a.m. preschool)
    • Schools are closed

    When the decision is made, the information is listed on the district website and FlashAlert. Local TV, radio and newspapers pulls information from FlashAlert. Information will also be shared to the district's Facebook page and Twitter feed

    Emergency school closure during operating hours
    In the event of an earthquake, utility failure, weather event, etc. during school hours, the district will determine if it is necessary to close a school or the district.

    Parents will be notified of the closure through an automated phone call and an email. The district will post information on its website, as well as through radio and television and social media. The district office and Transportation Department will implement the emergency response plan when needed.