HomeLink Parent Partnership Program - 90 DAY Mentorship Program 

    Information for families who do not have 90 days of documented home-based instruction and wish to join the program. 

    For the first 90 days:


    • Student(s) and parents will partner with a certificated teacher who will be your advisor. 
    • Student(s) and parents will conference with the advisor upon enrollment to create the students' Written Student Learning Plan, after 45 days, after 90 days or conference with you more frequently based upon need.
    • Your advisor will be a resource for your family, guiding you to curriculum, sharing effective teaching practices, and answering your questions.
    • If desired, you will be paired up with an experienced HomeLink family for further support, and if possible, will have children of a similar age to your family. 
    • Students must enroll in at least two classes.
    • Students may enroll up to 14 hours/.50 Full Time Enrollment (FTE) 
    • All other essential grade level subjects are taught at home.
    • Student success is measured monthly by earning 60% or higher in all classes and by in-class attendance.
    • Students who are not demonstrating success at 45-day intervals will be precluded from continuing at HomeLink.
    • All parents are required to be on campus with their students.
      • 6th - 8th students who have demonstrated success after the initial 30 days may earn the privilege of being on campus independently, if they continue to show success throughout the remaining mentorship phase
      • Parents and students will acknowledge the guidelines of a Certificate of Independence 
    • Upon review and approval of your successful 90-day homeschooling phase, if desired, additional classes may be added to students' WSLP up to the maximum FTE hours allowed by grade level.

    HomeLink is committed to supporting new Home-Based Instruction families as well as providing guidance to our Alternative Learning Experience program offered by the Lake Stevens School District. 

    For additional information, please contact us at 425-335-1594