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    2017-18 Breakfast and Lunch Menus    

    Our new menus will be posted the week of 8/28/2017.

    *Menus are subject to change 
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    • Allows users to calculate calorie intake and carbohydrate grams.
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    • Smartphone application is also available to download to your phone or tablet.
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    Q: Why do Reduced-Price Students have "$ No Charge" listed for Breakfast and Lunch for grades K-3 only?
    A: The co-pay (historically $0.30 for breakfast and $0.40 for lunch) is paid for by state funding. All grades K - 12 apply for breakfast; however, there is only enough funding available to cover the copay for grades K-3 for lunch.
    If you have any further questions about this - contact the Nutrition Office at 425-335-1561.
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