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Survey results show strong appreciation for teachers and staff, communication and leadership; concerns about class size, parking and transportation

Each year we engage our families, staff and community members to learn what they appreciate about our district and what concerns they may have. We once again used Thoughtexchange to conduct this process in June and July.

Participation & Demographics

  • 1,354 people participated
  • 2,712 thoughts were shared
  • 77,283 stars were assigned 
  • Participation increased this year by 471 people 
  • 77 percent of participants were parents/guardians
  • 21 percent were staff members 
  • The remainder were community members and students

Participants were asked what concerns they have about their school; what they appreciate about their school; and what thoughts they have about our current use of technology in our classrooms. They were then asked to rate the district overall.

The top things people appreciate about our schools and district include:

  • Quality of teachers and staff
  • Parent-school communication
  • School enviornment
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Leadership and administration

These are the areas participants feel we should make improvements:

  • Class size
  • Parking and transportation
  • Lunch and recess
  • Student behavior and discipline
  • Facilities and infrastructure 

Thoughts on technology
Feedback on our use of technology was very split. Many respondents appreciated student use of Chromebooks, while this area was a concern for many. Respondents appreciated the knowledge and proficiency that students are building, while others feel like monitoring of student use needs to be stronger.

Review the Results
You are encouraged to review the results of our survey. Survey data is broken down by district and by school and can be sorted by the question asked, and the demographic of participants. (All comments and stars are anonymous.)

View the full results here

This information was shared with all administrators this summer for staff planning purposes and goal setting. It was also shared with our Board of Directors in August and all district staff earlier this month.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this engagement!