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How and when we communicate with families


Yesterday, a concerned parent posted on Facebook regarding a rumor she heard from her child about possible violence at Cavelero Mid High School. This post was widely shared on social media and created a great deal of fear and confusion for students, families, staff members and our community. Some parents/guardians also reached out to the news media, which escalated the situation and further spread the baseless rumor. (The student who started the rumor was identified and is cooperating with Lake Stevens Police. The comments made by the student were intended to be a joke. After a thorough investigation by police and school administrators, it was determined that there is no threat to student safety.

Please take a moment to remind your child about the severity of spreading rumors or making jokes about violence or harm. Our district has a zero tolerance policy for this behavior. Rumors or jokes will be taken seriously and will result in discipline and possible criminal charges. As parents/guardians, do not further spread rumors by posting hearsay on social media or reporting misinformation to the news media. This delays our ability to effectively communicate accurate information to families and further spreads fear and confusion.

Information about violence involving our students or schools should immediately be reported to 911. Any information you have to share is helpful and appreciated. The Lake Stevens Police Department will then contact district and school administrators and an investigation will begin. You may also call the school district or any of our schools to share non-emergency information. Our SafeSchools Tip Line also allows you to anonymously report non-emergency information via email, text, web or voicemail.

If there is a threat to student safety we will always share information with our families. However, we will never be as fast as social media! Our goal is to ensure that our messages are timely and accurate. We oftentimes are not at liberty to share information from law enforcement, so we communicate what we can, when we can. We are also unable to share information about student discipline, because our students have a right to privacy—even when they make very poor choices. We urge our families and community to look for an official message from the district through our official communication channels and to avoid sharing other information.

How we communicate

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