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Inslee visits Lake Stevens to learn more about STEM, professional learning

Two days after being sworn in for a second term, Gov. Jay Inslee visited Lake Stevens School District’s Cavelero Mid High School to learn more about the district’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math programs and the district’s professional learning options for staff.

While at Cavelero, Inslee met with eighth- and ninth-graders pursuing the Principles of Engineering pathway. Students explained and demonstrated what they are learning in their classes and how they will apply that knowledge to future education and careers. Throughout this pathway, students step into the varied roles engineers play in our society. Teachers Mike McGrath, Will Fredin, Jeff Lynass and Karen Coulombe teach these classes and helped organize the presentation for Gov. Inslee.  

Students from Cavelero and Lake Stevens High School’s Robotics Clubs also chatted with Inslee about the skills they are using to build robots for competition. This award-winning program started with less than 10 students in 2012-13 and now has more than 100 students who devote their free time to robotics.

"We were honored to have Gov. Inslee visit Lake Stevens School District and Cavelero Mid High School," said Dr. Amy Beth Cook, Superintendent of Lake Stevens School District. "We appreciate that he wanted to learn more about our Principles of Engineering Pathway and our Robotics Club and the many STEM opportunities our students are engaged in. Gov. Inslee was also very interested in our professional learning program and the differentiated offerings available to our staff members. It's empowering for our students and staff to know that their stories will help craft the message Gov. Inslee delivers to the legislature about the importance of fully funding education in our state. I'm incredibly proud of our staff and students and appreciate the opportunity to share that with others."

After meeting with the students and their teachers, Inslee learned about the professional learning opportunities available to district staff members. This includes a new online professional learning portal where staff can select courses—based on their interests and needs—and complete them any time, day or night. Inslee then sat in on a professional learning meeting, led by Kati Tilley and Laurie Yoshihara,  with Cavelero’s certificated staff members, and thanked them for their service and dedication.

Inslee plans to tell the Washington State Legislature about his experiences in Lake Stevens as he urges them to fully fund public education in compliance with the state Supreme Court’s McCleary decision.

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