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Annual parent survey shows appreciation for staff members and family engagement

Every year Lake Stevens School District surveys families to measure perception of schools and the district, and to gather feedback about programs, instruction and opportunities for students. The 2018-19  survey was shared with parents and guardians in June 2019. A total of 1,203 people participated. Of those, 85 percent identified themselves as mothers. The survey was available in English, Spanish and Russian.

The survey included 30 multiple choice questions, with opportunities to provide short answers to two of the questions. The majority of the questions were similar to those used in previous surveys to provide for analysis over time.

Survey results were shared with district and school administrators, and the Board of Directors in August. Principals then shared the feedback with their staff members as part of the preparation for this school year. Survey feedback was also incorporated into the goals and strategies of each School Improvement Plan, which will be presented to the Board of Directors in October. This feedback will also be referenced throughout the school year to identify strengths and areas of opportunity when making decisions.

Survey Highlights

  • 92.51 percent of respondents agree or strongly agree that they feel welcome at their child’s school
  • 87.51 percent of respondents agree or strongly agree that their child is safe at school 
  • 84.09 percent of respondents agree or strongly agree that the school performs well academically
  • 89.11 percent of respondents agree or strongly agree that they know how well their child is progressing academically
  • 81.40 percent of respondents graded their child’s school an A or a B
  • Respondents were asked to identify how they want to receive communication from our schools and the district. Email, text messages and information posted to school and district websites were the top three reponses.

An overview of all the multiple choice responses is available here