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Family feedback shows strong appreciation for staff and services, concerns about student behavior and support systems

Family feedback shows strong appreciation for staff and services, concerns about student behavior and support systems
Last spring we invited you to participate in two Thoughtexchange engagements. This format differed from our traditional surveys where participants simply answered “yes” or “no” or selected answers from a list of multiple choices. This was a two-step process where participants shared their feedback and then rated the feedback of other participants.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who participated! Your feedback is vital, and we appreciate you taking the time to contribute your thoughts. Each comment is reviewed and considered as we plan and make decisions for this school year and the future.

Foundation for Excellence

“What are some important things for us to consider as we develop our new goals and strategic priorities?” 

Family/community results (1 of 2)

The top five themes that emerged from our families/community were Facilities, Student Mental Health, Equity, Class Sizes and Safety.

Later this fall, we will likely conduct staff, student, family/community focus groups to further explore the themes that were generated from these exchanges. Our goal is to have a refreshed Foundation for Excellence in the early months of 2023. More information on how to be involved in that process will be shared later this fall.

End-of-Year survey

Family/community results (2 of 2)

“What do you think our schools are doing well and what can we focus on in order to improve?”

The top five themes that emerged from our families/community were Bullying, Behavior, Quality Staff, School Safety and Technology.

Bullying & Behavior
One of the top concerns was related to bullying and student behavior. In an effort to provide more support to our students and staff, each secondary school and elementary school (with the exception of Hillcrest who has an Associate Principal) now has a Dean of Students. The Deans will partner with their building principals to provide overall leadership to the daily operations of the school. They oversee discipline and attendance, and serve as a liaison between students/families and administration while working with the school counselor(s), behavior paraeducators and school staff.

Deans, counselors and behavior paraeducators participated in a two-day training this summer to strengthen school-wide behavior expectation systems. This included an exploration of Multi-tiered Systems of Support and Positive Behavior Intervention Systems. The training also allowed these key staff members to collaborate with their building principals to plan for this school year.

We look forward to seeing improvements in student behavior as these systems are strengthened throughout our district.

School staff members engage students in lessons and curriculum to prevent bullying, and teach tips to intervene and stop instances of harassment, intimidation and bullying (HIB).

HIB is not tolerated in Lake Stevens School District, and we encourage prompt reporting of incidents so that we may follow the steps outlined in Board Policy 5580. More information about how to report bullying is available on our website.

Quality Staff
Participants were overwhelmingly appreciative of our district staff members. This includes the leadership of our principals and administrators, and the dedication of our teachers and school staff. There was a strong sense of appreciation about the overall care shown to students, which became especially evident during the ongoing pandemic.

We are incredibly grateful for our staff members, and thank them for sharing their gifts and talents with our district and our students.

School Safety
In light of recent acts of school violence throughout our country, we were not surprised to see school safety as a key concern. Safety is the number one priority in Lake Stevens School District. We are committed to establishing a learning environment that promotes student and employee safety throughout our district. In partnership with our local police and fire departments, we have a comprehensive safety plan to support our emergency preparedness, response and recovery. Learn more.

Participants recognize how far we have come in our Technology Empowered goal. Most respondents showed an appreciation for the district’s 1:1 Chromebook Program, which was especially beneficial at the start of the pandemic. Some respondents showed concerns for student Internet use on the Chromebooks, and the amount of time spent on screens during the school day. 

There is a desire for more consistent use of technology platforms across schools and grade levels, and concerns related to student cell phone use. These are areas that are being reviewed and addressed as we expand our Technology Empowered work as part of the Foundation for Excellence.

We thank everyone who participated in our engagements. We always welcome feedback, which can be shared by calling our district office at 425-335-1500 or by emailing Thank you for helping us inspire excellence in our students.