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2018-19 Supply List

LSMS Supply List

On the first day of school, students need to bring backpack, binder, pencil, pen, and paper. Teachers will provide directions on when the other materials are needed.

General Supplies

  • No. 2 Pencils
  • Blue or black pen
  • Dry erase marker (blue or black)
  • Red Pen
  • Post-it notes 3” x 3”
  • Highlighters (4 different colors)
  • Scientific Calculator (example: TI-30X IIS) (Pre-Algebra and Algebra only)
  • Standard Calculator (math, except Pre-Algebra and Algebra)
  • Colored Pencils (only carry as needed)
  • Loose leaf college ruled paper- no need for a whole pack to be carried at all times
  • Organizer for loose paper: (examples: Notebook/Accordion Folder/Folders)
    *In middle school, it is important that students develop habits that will assist in keeping organized. A three ring binder is one way to help students stay organized. In lieu of the binder, you may choose other methods that work for your student.
  • Mead Composition notebooks (2 for math, 1 for Language Arts, 1 for Social Studies, 1 for 6th grade Science - some will be stored in classrooms to lighten the backpack load.)
  • LSMS PE shirt ($6) & shorts ($9) purchased at school + athletic shoes
  • Earbuds or headphones
  • LSSD issued Chromebook (signed forms required)
  • District-issued Chromebook case (provided by school)- distributed after school starts
  • Student Handbook, daily planner and Homeroom supplement (provided by school)


  • 6th grade: Sound Innovations for Concert Band by Alfred Music
  • 7th grade: Standard of Excellence, Book 2 by Bruce Pearson

7th grade elective: GTT Plus (including Shop)

  • 1 Mead composition notebook

Life Skills and Structured Learning Center
*Please ask your student’s case manager for a supply list. You do not need the supplies listed above other than PE shorts/sweat pants/athletic shoes, LSMS PE shirt, & LSSD issued Chromebook (signed forms required).

District-issued Chromebooks are required school supplies for all secondary students in the Lake Stevens School District. The following resources will help you guide your child in their use of technology outside of school.

Common Sense Media, developer of our district Digital Citizenship curriculum, has a host of resources to help parents understand how you can help your child use technology wisely and effectively.

Net Cetera offers this informative guide to "chatting" with your kids about being online.

Jeff Utecht, a Seattle educator known globally for his work in education technology, has written an informative and common sense guide for parents in a 1:1 technology program. Jeff has spoken two times to Lake Stevens School District staff, and we think this article will help you understand the possibilities.

Looking for more? This list of resources from Edutopia (George Lucas Foundation) will provide you with help on any of the most pressing issues you might encounter.