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New To Hillcrest? Welcome Aboard!

If you are reading this message, then you are likely one of the newest Hillcrest Hawks to join our team. Moving to a new school or starting one for the first time is a big deal. I want you to know that you have made a great choice! Hillcrest is a smart, friendly, fun place to learn each day. I'm sharing some of the best things below, but the truth is that the little things that happen every day make us a great school, so I look forward to you joining us in September (or later in the year). 
Here are a few of the Hillcrest highlights:
Great Teachers -- Our team of teachers at Hillcrest are smart, friendly and committed to helping all kids learn. In all our classrooms, teachers design lessons and daily routines so that students are met at their academic levels and moved forward from there. Student success is celebrated and goals are set for all. Hillcrest teachers are excellent.
Great Learning -- Hillcrest students have been recognized by the State of Washington over the last couple of years for their high levels of achievement on our state test in the areas of reading and math. We are proud to see our kids achieving and succeeding!
Thinking, Thinking, Thinking -- At Hillcrest we want kids to think every day, practice asking great questions, and communicate their ideas clearly. We know that children's minds need to be turned on and active in order to really make learning stick. We challenge our kids to do this every day! 
Excellent Support Staff -- Whether working with our Title One Reading Specialist, getting support from one of our paraeducators, solving a problem with our behavior support specialist, or asking a question of our office staff, Hillcrest is filled with supportive, positive adults who treat kids with respect in all situations. Creating and maintaining a positive school environment is one of our highest priorities and the staff here rise to the occasion each day.
Monthly Character Traits and "The Seat of Honor" Assemblies -- At Hillcrest we want our students to learn to read, write, and do math, but we also want them to understand what it means to be a good citizen at our school and in the community as a whole. One way we work on this goal is by focusing, as a whole school, on a character trait, like Respect or Honesty, and we encourage students to practice these traits in their own interactions with peers and adults. At the end of each month, we have a spirit assembly where students from each class who have excelled in demonstrating the trait of the month are recognized by being invited to sit on "The Seat of Honor" while other students introduce the new trait with a skit, song or other creative plan. This is a simple and fun way to highlight character traits for our kids and they LOVE sitting on "The Seat of Honor". 
Active and Engaged PTA -- We have a fantastic group of parents who are committed to supporting our school through PTA. I encourage everyone to become a member. The PTA organizes events, plans fundraisers, buys playground equipment, helps fund field trips and much, much, more. Their support is a big part of our success at Hillcrest.
I could go on and on here. The bottom line is this:  Hillcrest is a friendly place where kids are supported, challenged, coached and respected. Learning is held at the center of what we do and kids understand this. Success breeds success and we have accomplished a great deal at Hillcrest by focusing on great teaching, positive relationships, and communication with families. The staff at Hillcrest are grateful to have you join our team and look forward to meeting our newest Hillcrest Hawk!
Today is a great day to learn!
Susan Songstad, Principal