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90 Day Mentor Program

HomeLink 90 Day Mentor Program

Families who desire to be a part of HomeLink, but have not satisfied 90 days of homeschool experience in the last two years are still able to enroll in the program. Please see the guidelines below:

For the first 90 days:

  • Parents are to accompany the student on campus, regardless of grade level
  • Students are allowed to enroll in two on-site courses (space available)
  • Families will partner with a certificated teacher who will be your advisor. Your advisor will be a resource for your family, guiding you to curriculum, sharing effective teaching practices, and answering your questions.
  • You will provide your advisor with monthly updates on all classes taught at home.
  • You will conference with your advisor when you enroll in HomeLink, after 45 days, and again after 90 days. Your advisor may also conference with you more frequently based upon need.
  • You will be paired with an experienced HomeLink family that will provide further support. If possible, this family will have children of similar age(s) to your family.
  • At the end of your 90-day exploratory phase, each student will share 2-3 samples of work completed in each of the subjects taught at home with their advisor.
  • Upon review and approval of your successful 90-day home schooling exploratory phase, you will then be allowed to enroll your student(s) in additional on-site classes, up to full-time.

Our HomeLink community is unique, and it is a privilege to learn and grow here. Please call (425) 335-1594 or email to learn more about enrolling at HomeLink or to visit some of our classes.