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Link Leader Applications for 2020-2021 now open!

We are excited to start the 2020-2021 school year with Link Crew at Lake Stevens High School! Like any program, the success of Link Crew is directly related to the dedication and commitment of the people involved, namely the Link Crew Leaders. 

We look for students that can provide a good cross section of the student body as a whole. 

We want leaders that are involved in student government as well as ones that are involved in the music program or the drama program or the arts program. 

We want students that are great academic students and others that might be average students.

We want as many interests and backgrounds represented as possible.

Are you a student who came to LSHS in the middle of your sophomore or junior year? Please apply, there are no prerequisites to be a Link Leader. 

Here is the link for the application and a video link from our Link Officers who talk about their experience as a Link leader. 


Application link:     Video link:  Link Crew video